2015 News - The 2015 Newsletter & Photo Galleries

2015 Newsletter - Download the PDF file here 

The following sectins are galleries of just some of the photos from the visit. We've divided them into groups to make finding individual sections easier.

The Cyclone Damage

The security wall which was completed by September of 2014  was damaged by trees which fell onto it. The good news is that this has now been repaired and there is now a strong and safe wall surrounding the whole of Grace Children’s Home and land. There was extensive damage to the land and crops too. The newly created buffalo pool had become a rather muddy pond surrounded by somewhat flattened greenery. The buffalo still enjoyed the water though.


New Livestock

One of the new developments on the land since our last Newsletter is the livestock which Timothy has introduced. There are now turkeys, geese, ducks, hens, goats and sheep.


Grace Children's Home Children

The children themselves, in spite of the frightening experience they had when the cyclone hit, are looking happy and healthy. Their playing equipment has for the most part been restored, and all they really need otherwise is a ball!


King's Ideal School

The School within Grace Children’s Home is a wonderful example of orderliness, discipline and enthusiasm. The chairman was given a guided tour of the classrooms, and met some of the children and teachers.


Anakappalle Leprosy Colony

The Indian Government have knocked down the old houses and built new ones in their place. It is always pleasure to visit these people, who have limbs missing and terrible skin diseases, yet are almost always smiling.


A Few Miscellaneous Photos

These are just a few miscellaneous photos taken during the visit. The visit is to see the work, but it is also an pleasure too, and a journey on the Indian Railway is an experience in itself.